Romanian Survival Book

November 21, 2006

Call for papers

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The good, the bad and the ugly of Romanians seen by expats, foreigners and Romanians alike, as a cultural guide in understanding Romanians. 

RSB should be  a collective blog, so please don’t hesitate to send your ideas, suggestions, observations and I will post all under your signature. I will keep though the prerogative to delete or not post rude comments or inappropriate content. Debates over particularities about Romania and Romanians are also encouraged.

I am really curious to hear you and see how this project will grow. I must confess that this idea came on last night after few days ago I was reading Spiegel On-line International, where they are doing this research for the Germany Survival Bible and after a conversation with an expat in Romania few months ago, who was telling me about peculiarities he noticed at Romanians and wondering about the British and other nations. So, following the German way, the comments, suggestions and observations should:

• Talk about or describe the specificities of Romanians, Romanian culture and society.
• If you have photos to attach, feel free to send me and I will post it, mentioning the source, if these are related with the content.
• Have you any typical Romanian jokes, anecdotes, attitudes to share here, send them over.
• If you are a visitor just passing by or living here for long time you must have observed strange things about Romanians, alike with lovely charming habits. Share those here.
• I will try my best, in case you have your own blog with things of relevance for this project, to post links to it.
• Your posts can be either long or short, just a comment or a long description of something you noticed and you think it could qualify as Romanian pattern of some sort.
• You can send me your suggestions, ideas, photos, also on my email address to:

Thank you.

(September 08, 2006)


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