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March 8, 2007

Romanian business man – a possible profile

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Ok, first of all, I take full responsibility for the generalizations and limited criteria that will follow in this post. I am in the full capacity of my brain and my mental condition has never been better …as much as would be possible in a country like Romania. Secondly, I am open to any additional or improved profile on this one.

The Romanian business man – a possible profile: what a rich and difficult topic! Once again, firstly, I do not think that we have a real business man in Romania, so the attempt to pile down is quite a challenge. I do except from this generalization the very few who are: polite, nice, extremely well educated, open-minded, genuine and who make a constant effort not to be prejudiced in their judgement based on sex, race, social status, looks. I have met none myself. Maybe they are out there, but I didn’t have the luck to get to know one of these rarities. I did, though, every time, run into the following pattern: well educated, but coming down the roots of being either macho – looking for a cheap extra working hours encounter and raising expectations of that sort, even though not spoken, but efficiently enough through gestures and attitude – or a total hypocrite, with a 100% cowardice attitude. As a young woman, you are obliged to eternally prove yourself and your work potential. I am not politically correct here and I apologise in advance, this is a rant against limited minded ‘business model’ of today’s society, but I often wished I was old, very ugly and extremely obese in the Romanian corporate or governmental environment, to be taken seriously. Backwards Romania to be precise. It is just the way assumptions and stereotypes function nowadays in the corporate world and not only. It would be interesting to make a documentary about this one day….Therefore, being snobbish with the people I allow having judgements over me, I think is healthy for my mental power but not for my work related credentials…but I wouldn’t change that.

After some thought, I think that the business man profile in Romania falls in 3 +1 categories:

A. Is the one I mentioned above: well educated, open minded, but eager to make money fast and enjoy all the power related advantages: a huge car, a medium one, and a small one for the wife. A big house. And a nice apartment for illicit encounters. A secret affair or two, one a bit more serious than the other. A newspaper or a tabloid or just a e-list will do where they can talk about just anything to raise their profile of a ‘smart, nice, open minded bloke next door’. Otherwise, superficial, envious on the fellows like him, utterly ambitious and devoured by his/hers little plans of accession. Lots of connections, but carefully chosen as for this type reputation or the societal appearances are highly important. The types who will give money to charities in public, but never privately, because everything serves an ambition or a hidden agenda; plus they are so insecure that the instant gratification of such a gesture offers them  external sources of confidence and the illusion of public acceptance in an exclusivist club.

B. The second is the crook: the one with dodgy businesses, having somewhere a position in the administrative council of one or more companies, usually connected with the State, endless business connections and affiliations with just anybody in politics, media or other legal business. He usually has a lot of power, an extremely strong position given by the mysterious and never fully known underground links with former ‘securitate’ or police. Usually everything about this guy is unclear and everyone knows something but nobody can prove anything.

C. The business man turned politician or the politician turned business man or both.

This guy will never die and he will never be out of business as long as in Romania the underground ‘securitate’ guy operates successfully and run the biggest companies. Also, as long as our political elite stay the same, meaning: the same old same nomenklatura, including Basescu, Iliescu, Nastase, Roman, Stolojan and their pals. They are all connected and they are all guilty and hiding something.

I would include here also the media moguls: all the big TV channels in this country are owned by very shady people, they know better. All compromised with big businesses, not very clean, connections with ‘securitate’ underground or black money. They have managed, through the power of money to built a network of followers and supporters, second grade journalists and prominent ‘talk –show’ man. So, easy and smoothly their agenda is on and everybody is happy.

D. The small business man. He wants to be like the others – that is one profile.

The other is the guy who studied/worked abroad, got back opened a consultancy or something and wants everything clear, nice and legal. He struggles. He dislikes the above profile and would like to change this negative image about the business type in Romania. He has a wife or a partner and dislikes fooling around because that’s the trend here.

As for the rest, if you don’t fool around, having lots of girlfriends, preferably 20 years younger, you are a sucker. Also, you suck if you don’t take her out with your friends to show her around like an object and buy her a nice bracelet every now and then. Or maybe not. Compulsory you HAVE to possess a big car….I mean REALLY BIG. If you are the gym type now, soon you will inevitably end up like this fellow here….because no matter your posh appearance you are no different.lucianiliescu.jpg



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  4. Hello, Darian. You say 3 + 1, but show A through D and end with an additional “other one” and finally “a sucker.” I’m confused. Do you mean 4 or 6 or other?

    Comment by thebookguy — March 8, 2007 @ 6:20 am | Reply

  5. Hi i read this and put a permanent link to it on my blog about romania,such an accurate description. full of truth and straight to the point. i think in my time here i have met most all of the types of people described here..i think the other one and the sucker were added later? but so true i loved the bit about the poser with the army of “bitches” and the big flash cars..if this was in the uk people would roll around peeing themselves laughing at these people. i love them they always bring a smile to my face not one ounce of sophistication but bucket loads of dosh..ohh and the white pointed shoes..and white suits..dead give away. eventually there will be the rich business person in romania with style and class. but thats going to take some years in my opinion,at the moment they have the taste and style of a lottery winner from a run down estate in the uk.

    Comment by borlova — June 30, 2007 @ 11:26 am | Reply

  6. Buddy, you’re merely describing personality types, and you can take any culture that’s trying to emulate the “american dream” via the MTV and other TV programming. And here’s “borlova” jumping on the band wagon: yeah, man that’s SOOO true…! Anyways, romanians: “Stop hatin’!”

    Comment by pappy — January 31, 2008 @ 1:06 am | Reply

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  8. Rashid,

    do you know how slimy your request sounds? You’re spam!!!! Beat it!

    Comment by pappy — October 20, 2008 @ 3:50 am | Reply

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  10. It is to easy to think like that. Let’s say that is correct at first sight but if you go deeper the reality changes enough. Just keep in mind that in 1989 the romanians came from 50 years of absolutely nothing, now, each one, at his own scale of interest, try to compensate, this is why you see those cars on the streets, those new houses etc… at least this is a justification for some of them. As is any society you have “the others” which are always more easy to remark 🙂
    Anyway, as I always thought when travelling, “in Rome do like romans do”, you can find, by digging deeper in your relathionships with the romanians, that even a guy with a fancy suit and a big car can be a nice person in his way…
    But I agree, when you see tons of gold, is better to avoid, if you want I can explain the signification of this gold around the neck…
    Never forget to enjoy Romania, is a beautifull country after all and there is a lot of business to do, this is the reason you are here, isnt it?

    Comment by Vali — January 31, 2010 @ 6:18 pm | Reply

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